Gone are the days of “Set it and Forget it” when it comes to marketing your home. 

Social media has incredible value in today’s marketing landscape. Not only do we post and share to our circle of influence, but you,  your friends and your family can as well. This gives your listing an incredible reach. The best thing is, it’s trackable. 

We can gauge the measurable results of our social media campaigns to better serve you. 


When you go out for a meal and read the menu, you feast with your eyes first. The same rule applies for how we list your home. Your photography must be classy, attractive and representative of its true appeal.

We make sure we don’t over-represent your home with over-rendered and artsy photographs. This can make the home walkthrough more of a disappointing experience for the potential buyer.


Each listing gets its own easy-to-share webpage and full-colour, high-quality brochure. 

Each listing page features the whole suite of quality photographs, measurements, FAQs, your iGUIDE 360° tour, maps and video links.

Easy to share, easy to track.


Our high-quality video and drone footage can really accentuate your listing.  

Our video work shows the flow and beauty of your home with a detailed walk-through, while the drone footage gives a “birds eye view” of your neighbourhood and the surrounding area.

These two unique offerings have proven to be incredible sales tools for our clients.  


With our Planix iGUIDE 360° tours, we capture accurate measurements and the square footage of your home, create stunning virtual walk-throughs and a “Dollhouse Model” of your home.

This feature is widely used, measurable and creates a greater likelihood of intentional buyers vs lookie-loos.